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About us Veracetics

Veracetics, Technology Based Company (EBT) emerged at University of Alcalá, presenting a new concept for consumer products obtained from vegetable extracts and its application in different sectors.Veracetics, represents the first European company with production and own technology for the extraction and manufacture of Aloe vera, not imported, which makes us pioneers in this field.
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Quality guarantee


R + D Team with +20 year’s experience

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Quality guarantee

Veracetics Certificates. Warranty and quality in our products.

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Contact, Information and Location.

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Video Veracetics

Science based products.
Frist european Company manufacturing Aloe vera juices certified by IASC.
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Service Quality is a priority in the activities of VERACETICS, this commits us to:
• Achieve full customer satisfaction.
• Meet legal and customer requirements that are applicable to our activities.
• Mark quality objectives, periodically reviewing them.
• Quality system oriented towards continuous improvement.
• Identify, analyze and evaluate all risks and opportunities that may affect our processes


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C/ Punto Net 2D, 28805 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. Spain
Telf.: +34 918 305 945
Lab R&D

10º Anniversary Veracetics

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